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Where to begin; I am a 44 year old servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, husband of 19 years to an amazingly beautiful bride and father to an awesome 17 year-old son. Having relocated back to Florida in 2005, I found myself with too much time spent working, no time to exercise and weight just seeming to hang on me. After hitting 240+ and a 40 inch waist, I decided I needed to do something to help maintain my blood pressure and lose some weight.

So rather than continue to drive my car for the 6 mile commute I have every day, I decided to try and bike to work. I got the idea from a friend in Washington state and found after two weeks that I was able to make cycling a viable form of commute. Nothing like starting in August in Florida, but fortunately I work for a company with a locker room and showers who supports my work life balance and makes it easy to manage biking to work. So this site is all about my experience as a daily commuter. It will contain information about my bike, products I use and test, driving habits and danger and various other items relevant to my daily commute.

I will occasionally post up my monthly numbers and keep those reading up to date on my weight / waist status. Ultimately, I am looking to reduce the “acreage in the Meadows!”
That said, thanks for your interest and remember, I am simply a fallen and forgiven servant of Christ.

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