Been Too Long Since We Last Spoke

What a whirlwind year!  So far I have changed jobs, started the process of relocating to the Seattle area, shipped a bike across the country and climbed an 18% grade hill.  I'll let you guess which one was hardest.  The problem?  I have not have enough time to ride as much as I need to (and have put on 30 lbs).  What to do, oh what to do!

I have found a few rides that I quite enjoy in Everett, about 20 miles north of Seattle.  The picture to the right is the ride I did this past Monday - about 30 km, great scenery, and bike lanes all around.  It is so refreshing to live in an area so committed to cycling!

Of course, Washington has something we don't have in St Petersburg, FL.  Hills!  So my legs have been struggling to get used to the new terrain as I cycle on my Scott Speedster around Seattle.  I expect it so get a bit easier the more I ride.  At least, I hope it does.  If not, well, my rides might take a bit longer as I age.  At least there are only bears, cougars, and coyote to worry about!

The elevation gains of my 30km ride
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