"Take My Picture, Mommy"

It was a simple request at the ice skating rink in downtown Tampa.  The little girl, maybe six, asked her mom to take her picture as she played by the dancing fountains.  Her mom smiled and said "I don't have my phone, baby."  What a change the years have brought.  Ten years ago the answer would have been "I don't have my camera" rather than talk of a phone.  It is a statement that highlights the impact of technology on our lives.

Every day our eyes are filled with images that capture our imagination and create memories we carry throughout our lives.  Sometimes these images impact the way we see nature, other times it is simply how we see those who surround us on the streets of our cities, sometimes it is the opportunity to catch our child at play.  Human nature drives us to attempt to recreate these images and share them with those we love. 

Rainbow over Tampa Bay
 (Taken with Inspire 4G)
As a full-time bike commuter, I have seen many wonderful sights, especially the rainbows that have appeared in the sky as I began my journey home.  While setting up my ride tracker on Endomondo, I was able to quickly capture this image as the rainbow spread across Tampa Bay. 

This week I ran across an amazing gallery of photos taken by Ali  Zaidi using his Droid Incredible.  The photo library shows 38 photos taken of a variety of nature shots.  The key here is knowing how far the capabilities of our phones have come.  Our phones have become a key element in our daily lives, driving how we communicate and now how we capture and share memories. 

Thanks Ali for showing what can be accomplished with a little vision and a smart phone.  Truly some incredible shots in your gallery.
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